High Voltage Doorknob Capacitors

High Voltage Doorknob Capacitors

  • Doorknob Capacitor | High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Doorknob Capacitor | High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor

Doorknob Capacitor | High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor

  • FEATURES:• Low dissipation factor of 0.1 % at 20kHz to 1000kHz• N4700 (T3M) Class 1, strontium-based ceramic dielectric• Negligible piezoelectric/electrostrictive effect• Screw terminal mounting

High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitors, Screw Terminal Mounting, 10KVDC to 50KVDC


Mainly used in high peak current and high repetition rate circuit. Such as:
high voltage doubler, voltage protection, decoupling circuits, laser generator, switching circuits, welding equipment, exchange limit, DC storage high-frequency coupling, AC and DC filtering applications.

• Low dissipation factor of 0.1 % at 20kHz to 1000kHz
• N4700 (T3M) Class 1, strontium-based ceramic dielectric
• Negligible piezoelectric/electrostrictive effect
•Screw terminal mounting

150 % of rated voltage in oil, charging current limited to 5mA

N4700: ≤ 1 x 10-3 (1 kHz)

Min. 200 000 MΩ  at 25 °C

< 5 pC at rated AC voltage

- 30 °C to + 85 °C  :  N4700,Y5S,Y5T,Y5U,Y5V
- 30 °C to + 125 °C  : X7R

• High voltage power supplies
• CO2  lasers
• X-ray equipment
• Welding equipment
• Medical industrial equipment

140 pF to 15000 pF

• 10 000 VDC (4000 VRMS)
• 15 000 VDC (6000 VRMS)
• 20 000 VDC (8000 VRMS)
• 30 000 VDC (10 000 VRMS)
• 40 000 VDC (13 000 VRMS)


N4700 (Class 1)

Capacitor elements made from Class 1 ceramic in a molded epoxy case.
Screw terminals: brass, silver plated.

Limit to 25 °C rise above ambient, measured on case

± 10 % , ± 20 %



Alternative Replacement Cross Reference of High Voltage Doorknob Capacitor from Vishay, Murata, TDK, AVX, HVCA

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Screw Terminal Type, also called “High Voltage Doorknob Capacitor”, is an industry-grade electronic component.The well-known brands are American company Vishay, AVX, HVCA and Japanese player Murata and TDK. These type of doorknob ceramic capacitors wildly use in X-ray generators, digital radiography, non-destructive testing, laser and plasma equipment, Tesla Coil, Marx generator and many more. Since the entire high voltage machine market is decline. Major doorknob ceramic capacitor player gradually quit this market and leading doorknob capacitor “hard to find” item. End customer seeking for replacement solution for continue their existing running project and need technical support for new product development.

Murata is the first company to release EOL notice for HV doorknob capacitor (DHS series, white color)In mid 2018.AVX also announce will not anymore in position of production of doorknob capacitor (HP/HW/HD/HE series, use red color epoxy resin) in October 2018. Vishay and TDK is the only two major brand still in production, but lead time always keeping up to 18 weeks and more, and seldom to accept custom specification production order.Due to high cost they are not economic option for mass production especially in BRICS countries like Brazil, Russia, India, which in need of economic and reliable doorknob capacitor to produce various model high power Medical X-ray machine and airport inspection machine. HVCA brand also call Dean Technology CKE from U.S.A, this brand seems just OEM item. Their product can be found from their own HV distribution channel.

HVC Capacitor from Southern China, is professional manufacturer of high voltage ceramic doorknob capacitor, with nearlly 10 years experience as alternative and replacement solution to above mention American and Japanese brand capacitor. HVC already earning good fame by close cooperation with lots Fortune 500 company like GE, PHILIPS, NIKON, KONICA Minolta and many more. 

HVC brand High voltage doorknob ceramic capacitor also have following unique advantage:

1).HVC Capacitor is only manufacturer in mass production of 100kv and 150kv doorknob capacitors. While “well known” brand only present up to 50kv.

2).HVC Capacitor control with whole production process, from powder making, ceramic disc, to soldering assembly, and finally epoxy encapsulation. The “well known” brand always announce they are hardly to purchase the raw material, which is rare-earth element and strictly controlled by major develop country. Outsource raw material cause well known brand in higher product cost and result in long production lead time.

3).HVC Capacitor open to custom production, available wide range spec from 10kv to 150kv, capacitance from 100pf to 15000pf. low custom production MOQ, which is essential for new project development. Following listing full spec for HVC Capacitor as alternative replacement and cross reference to Vishay, TDK, Murata, AVX, HVCA:

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