The classification of ceramic capacitor Share

Ceramic capacitor from media types can be divided into two categories, namely class Ⅰ ceramic capacitors and II class ceramic capacitors.

I ceramic capacitors (Class Ⅰ ceramic capacitor), said high-frequency ceramic capacitors (High-freqency ceramic capacitor) in the past, is the dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, dielectric permittivity varies linearly with temperature ceramic capacitor manufacturing . In particular, it applies to the resonant circuit, and other requirements of the loss is small and electric capacity and stability of the circuit, or for temperature compensation.

Class II ceramic capacitors (Class Ⅱ ceramic capacitor) in the past called for the low-frequency ceramic capacitors (the Low frequency cermic capacitor) capacitor with ferroelectric ceramics as a medium, also known as ferroelectric ceramic capacitors. Such specific capacitance of large capacity with temperature is non-linear change, the loss is large, and often used in the electronic device to bypass the capacitor, the coupling or for other less demanding the stability of the loss and capacitance of the circuit, .

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