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A capacitor of ceramics for a large company volunteered to prepare! Before this fact capacitor itself it a complete physical exam!Obtained a medical report which is very happy!Body of the report shows small high-voltage capacitors, test voltage = 1.5 times the rated voltage *, excellent resistance to electricity and resistance to heat, excellent performance of loading and unloading of low dielectric loss, good characteristics of frecuenciaAmplio range of rated voltage, capacity range, epoxy, good resistance to moisture and flammability, you can see by the "physical" capacitance of the report is very goodceramic capacitor is so sure!After repeated attacks at the front to get the beauty of the active phone number burden after the purchase!Capacitance began designing his opening speech, and the pace, the tone also for exercise, everything ready, today we have decided to give a great director of purchasing power of the company to call!Here call the Manager general of acquisitions for the time being, Mr. A. now! After the call is conecta

Capacitor Sales : Manager, Hello!

A: Hello!

CapacitySales :We are capacity HVC!We hope notbothering youwith call!

Mr.A: what doyou do?

CapacitySales : I x-ray machine in the high-voltage ceramic capacitors, I've been in all aspects of compliance!If you have a need that can be arranged free of charge for my brothers test!

Mr.A: capacitors of ceramic that we use, but I'm sorry, we do not consider domestic!

Capacity Sales : do take me the liberty of the reason about what did they refuse to use it!

Mr.A: due to that we have used a few years ago did, but low quality!
Capacity Sales: perhaps a few years ago, but we're out, but after a few years we have matured!We offer free samples to the test!

But no matter how to read capacitor are courtesy of Mr.Refused, or for reasons of lack of confidence made!Of course, is not because the capacity of telemarketing has not reached a certain level, why are we a result but the ability to work hard, and believe that everything will be better tomorrow!?In fact, this capacity would say that Mr. A., a few years ago did the quality of high-voltage ceramic capacitor cannot comply with certain requirements, but after all, it represents the ability of the quality of that time!Today, we are constantly growing maintain mature, so please do not use a time for change today same!If one day give us a chance, believe that it will be satisfied smile of us!...



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