3000 volt ceramic capacitors Share

3000 volt ceramic capacitors

Energy storage capacitors collect charge through the rectifier, and transmit the stored energy to the output end of power supply by converter wire. aluminum electrolytic capacitors whose voltage rating value is 40 ~ 450VDC and capacitance is between 220 ~ 150 000μF (such as the B43504 or B43505 of  EPCOS) are commonly used. According to different requirements of power, devices sometimes used in series, parallel or combinations form. For the power level over 10KW, it usually uses larger screw terminal capacitors.

3KV ceramic capacitors

Our HV resistors are thick film non-inductive type, surface coating, built-in high voltage, minimum size, bigger power, wider range resistance features. Power from 1/4W to 50W, resistance range 10-1000M, perfactly apply in AC, DC pulse circuits. LEAD-FREE ROHS comply. Customer can use our HV resistor to match our HV caps item.



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